UBP Difference

Universal Blower Pac, Inc. has been providing innovation for manufactured blower systems and engineered solutions since 1979.
Our unique approach means engineers listen first and then match your needs to the most efficient and affordable solution every time.
Our clients receive more options, targeted solutions and quality engineering services that go beyond standard expectations.
Universal Blower Pac was founded on the principle that every proposed system faces unique problems, and that is why flexibility in manufactured blower solutions is the cornerstone of our approach.

As leaders in manufactured blower systems, we understand your pain points. We are uniquely set up to offer you unparalleled options for your system needs ranging from premium standard products to custom engineered solutions. Whether you need Fast Delivery, Energy Efficiency, Noise Reduction or full Custom, we will find the right solution with FLEXed options to meet both your needs and budget.

Since 1979, Universal Blower Pac, Inc. has been a provider of quality blower systems to today’s marketplace. UBP has completed thousands of international projects and pioneered major design advancements. UBP’s founder, Ray Fiechter, is a Mechanical Engineer with over 40 years of experience in pneumatic conveying systems and he remains committed to Engineering Excellence and Innovation.

Ray saw a need in the blower systems marketplace to offer clients the ability to customize their blower solutions based on specific needs and thus launched UBP to answer those needs. This unique approach to offer customization through packaged engineered solutions empowered UBP to become the first leading manufacturer in the blower systems industry to answer customer-centric needs.

Universal Blower Pac’s manufacturing facility is located in Noblesville, Indiana. UBP has a complete staff of qualified personnel who are fully trained in the fabrication, assembly and manufacturing techniques necessary to provide our customers with quality blower systems. As a pacesetting provider of quality blower systems for the entire marketplace, UBP continues to innovate with products and services that go beyond expectation.




Customer Focus.

Employee Enjoyment.


Mutual Profit.

Trusted Advisor.


Universal Blower Pac’s mission is to use the resources and opportunities we are given by God to provide for the needs of our customers and thereby achieve His will. We will strive to offer innovative and quality equipment and services in an “on time” fashion with safety, career enjoyment and mutual profitability for our customers, suppliers and employees.

Universal Blower Pac’s vision is to be the premier manufacturer of complete blower systems innovatively designed to meet the complete end use needs of a diverse list of customers in the Wastewater Treatment, Water Treatment, Pneumatic Conveying and Biogas industries. Our goal is to be known for industry-leading quality and responsive, effective service and repair capabilities. We will diligently work to remain on the leading edge of new innovation in our industry, learning and responding to new customer demands with innovative, efficacious designs and lifecycle value in mind.