>> MAXControl is a Multi-Application Cross Platform control system that allows you to control multiple blower applications

>> MAX can automate blower control to reduce power costs, provide DO/ORP control for ease of use, and coordinate multiple processes such as mixing and aeration in different basins from more than one blower

>> MAX is fully customizable and able to sync a variety of blower system technologies

>> Easily add more equipment with expansion modules in the future as your plant grows


We are wasting money on over aeration, but do not know where to start.

MAXcontrol features Hach SC1000 controller(s) and appurtenances to regulate process needs along with the blower and zone control, cutting power costs from day one. Typical savings is 30%!

We can’t control zones within a basin independently.

MAXcontrol is preconfigured for independent DO/ORP zone control to reduce power consumption. Modulating control valves are provided for a single source of supply.

Plant has multi-stage and positive displacement blowers and we may add more in the future.

MAXcontrol grows with your system. Use PD, multi-stage, VFD, or constant speed. Easily add more equipment with expansion modules.

We don’t have space in our electrical room.

MAXcontrol is housed in a NEMA 4XSS enclosure with climate controls and is designed to be placed with the blowers outdoors.

We want to avoid complexity.

MAXcontrol is user friendly and operated from one large touch screen interface with easy to follow graphical representations of all controlled equipment and operator desired set points.


As a leading supplier of a variety of blower system technologies throughout the world, UBP understands the typical frustrations with syncing multiple blower applications and has engineered MAX to be a best in class, easy to use control solution.

We have designed MAX to easily add expansion modules to incorporate old blowers or for adding future new equipment into a control scheme without the frustration of a SCADA retrofit.  Use positive displacement blowers, multi-stage centrifugal blowers, VFD or constant speed.

1 >> Hach SC1000 Multi-parameter universal controllers
2 >> Large 15” Touchscreen HMI (front cover access)
3 >> PLC and I/O Modules
4 >> Climate controls
5 >> Ethernet or fiber optic SCADA connection
6 >> Disconnect and circuit protection
7 >> NEMA 4XSS enclosure for outdoor installation
8 >> Large capacity for controlled device I/O
9 >> Fault beacon

Universal Blower Pac StandardFLEX

UBPstandardFLEX provides you with all the benefits of a standard, pre-engineered system with flexibility to better suit your applications and needs. It starts up front with a team of Sales Engineers to help find a solution to your pain. The MAXcontrol has the ability to add module expansions to seamlessly control any equipment within your system. Email sales@universalblowerpac.com to learn how!

FLEXibility offered in the MAXcontrol: