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Custom Blower System for Fortune 100 Petrochemical Plant

Through the years, Universal Blower Pac has been called upon to partner with leading OEMs to create custom blower systems that not only increase performance and efficiency within the wastewater and industrial treatment processes, but also to engineer how designs can cut down on costs in the field during installation and planning for long term use and maintenance.

In this video, Jay Guio, lead OEM Sales Rep, walks through a unique custom system engineered for an OEM for a Fortune 100 Petrochemical client.  This design consists of three 150hp aeration blower systems and two 30hp air scour blower systems.

The air scour blower systems were designed with a shared sub base and a common header factory installed to cut down on time in field.  Additionally, cable trays were pre-engineered to also alleviate work time on the site.

Each system is designed with UBP’s state of the art sound enclosures, made with 3/16 stainless steel to withstand harsh environmental wear and corrosion.

IEEE 841 motors are installed to withstand the severe process for the petroleum and chemical industry.  These motors are directly coupled to the blowers to additionally improve overall system efficiency and performance as well as increase the lifespan of the units.  This direct drive design provides the user 100% control over the system with use of VFD (variable frequency drive) and eliminates power transfer loss typically associated with a v-belt drive design making it 3-5% more efficient.  Maintenance time and cost is also cut down as tensioning and replacing v-belts is not needed.

If your plant is looking for a new or upgraded system to improve efficiency, performance and maintenance, call or email inquiry to discuss your system goals and requirements.

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Kroger’s KB Specialty Foods Plant Uses Biogas Technology to Generate Energy

Kroger Co.’s (NYSE: KR) K.B. Specialty Foods new anaerobic wastewater treatment system at its facility in Greensburg, Indiana is fully operational.  The previous wastewater treatment system in the facility was open to the air. The new system features a dome that captures biogas from food byproducts at the plant so the collected biogas can now be harnessed to generate electricity.

“This is one more step toward meeting our goal of becoming a zero waste company by 2020,” said Suzanne Lindsay –Walker, Kroger’s director of sustainability.  (Source: Kroger Co, 2016 PR Newswire) 

In this video of the biogas system overview, ADI Systems Process Engineer, Daniel Bertoldo, demonstrates how the new facility relies on a process called anaerobic digestion.  Microorganisms will transform the byproducts of food production into biogas, and that biogas is extracted and scrubbed for a source of renewable energy.  The electricity created will be sent to the plant’s electrical grid.

KB Specialty Foods Plant Engineer Eric Behn said this investment “represents KB Specialty Foods’ continued commitment to both the Greensburg community and energy sustainability.”

The new system is expected to reduce unpleasant odors in the area with fully covered tanks to hold untreated water. In addition, approximately 40 percent of the plant’s electrical needs will be produced with byproducts of the treatment process via a combined heat and power generator. The new facility will also provide increased treatment capacity for KB Foods. (Source: Greensburg Daily News, Oct 14 2016)

The state-of-the-art waste water treatment facility was designed, built and installed by ADI Systems North America, an Evoqua Company. Universal Blower Pac engineered and manufactured the biogas blower system and hybrid blower systems for the sequencing batch reactor.

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Santa Rita Guam Wastewater Treatment Plant Powered by 3C-Hybrid Blower Systems with VFD Controls

The wastewater treatment facility in the village of Santa Rita, Guam, was previously found to be operating at 40 percent over capacity.  The new facility is designed to provide clean water to the southern areas of Guam and engineered to treat 1.6 million gallons per day of wastewater during dry weather and up to 9.3 million gallons per day during wet weather conditions. The design can also accommodate future wastewater flows from a nearby U.S. Navy installation, a connection that will increase the dry and wet weather design flows to 4.6 and 13.3 million gallons per day, respectively. (source: Gresham Smith & Partners)

Universal Blower Pac provided the blower system solution for this wastewater treatment plant with three 3C-Hybrid units.  Each unit is designed with a high efficiency hybrid, positive displacement blower system and NEMA frame motor.  Compact sound enclosures are engineered with environmental controls to increase the blower’s life, turndown range, and efficiencies as it withstands the heat and humidity in Guam.  These specific units were customized to also feature VFD control panels featuring state of the art Allen-Bradley PLC (programmable logic controller) and user friendly touchscreen HMI (human machine interface.)

This video provides a close up walk through of the units before installation.  To download 3C-Hybrid brochure, drawings and specs, visit our resource center.


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Ground Breaking News for 2017 Building Expansion

UBP announces yet another major expansion to their manufacturing facility. ‘We are excited to show our clients and staff how our vision to be the best and most innovative blower system supplier continues to grow not only with our square footage, but also with our holistic approach to improve both solutions and services,’ says Natalie Menke, President of UBP. Stay tuned for progress and more updates later
this fall!

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Meeting and Exceeding the End User’s Needs Together: Trusted Partnerships

The best manufacturers tirelessly seek out valuable relationships that become more than just equipment providers; they seek trusted partners who share the same goals for success.  For Universal Blower Pac, this has always been our goal: meet and exceed the end user’s needs and expectations for every project.  We’ve found that this is one of the keys to growing the valuable relationships we have with numerous engineering and manufacturing firms who, in turn, call on us to do the same for their clients.

In a recent customer visit to Cloacina (located in Arroyo Grande, CA), Jay Guio, UBP OEM Sales REP, met with Troy Ellison, CEO of Cloacina LLC. Following that visit, the Cloacina Team surprised us with this vendor highlight video spotlighting the value of building a trusted partnership.  “One of the things that have impressed me with Universal Blower Pac is the fact that they are willing to work with us in regards to pushing the envelope,” says Ellison. “This showed us that they were willing to jump as high as we were being asked to jump by our clients. And it’s nice knowing someone is as equally invested in your success as you are.”




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Kirksville, MO WWTP Post Aeration Basin Updated with UBP Blower Systems

As mDirect Drive blower system and noise enclosureany cities around the country face new state and federal standards that demand higher regulations for their municipal facilities, the City of Kirksville, Missouri Wastewater Treatment Plant prepares to undergo new improvements to ensure compliance with the tougher standards.

The plant improvements have three major phases including headwork’s and flow control, biological treatments, and solids handling with a total cost for the project around $18 million and began in the spring of 2015.

The engineer of record is HDR Engineering. The general contractor awarded the project is River City Construction. Universal Blower Pac’s representative is Ressler & AssociatesKirksville WWTP loading blower systemUniversal Blower Pac is providing five tri-lobe blower systems to service the post aeration basins.


Each blower provides up to 2560 SCFM at 10.5 PSIG on a VFD. The tri-lobe blowers are direct coupled with 250HP motors in ATTENU-PAC enclosures.


  • Direct drive design provides up to 5% energy savings versus v-belt driven blowers at the design point
  • Direct drive design eliminates belt maintenance and replacement
  • Up to 60% energy savings due to VFD control versus a constant speed system
  • Up to 25 dba noise reduction with the ATTENU-PAC full enclosure design
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