Designing and manufacturing standard blower systems for a variety of applications makes sense for both the consumer and the manufacturer. Standard products have quick delivery with proven documentation, details and provide cost savings. But let’s face it, the complex needs in the field and how that system fits exactly every need you face for your application never fully align with an absolute standard system without the consumer sacrificing something. That’s where the UBPstandardFLEX approach fills the gap. We have created opportunities with in our manufacturing process that allow our clients numerous options to modify or build on our standard products without breaking the bank or causing downtime. These offerings vary per product as well. Consumers may want to add different instrumentation packages, choose a direct drive blower unit to increase efficiency, allow for ease of maintenance or even match attenuating options to meet specific noise level requirements. Whatever the case, we can work with your goals to provide flexible options and still keep your budget intact. A good example is a recent client asked if we could paint our biogas screw blower system red to signal a hazardous location to help them achieve better OSHA safety requirements. In a similar situation, we’ve had several clients ask if the belt guards could be painted orange to also enable better OSHA safety. Both of these examples cost them nothing more than adding the special paint as we were able to work out what the clients goals were up front and build it into our process.
As a customer-centric organization, we are always looking for opportunities to innovate on our product offerings. UBPstandardFLEX essentially allows our buyers multiple options on our base standard products so they have more freedom to get exactly what they want without having to go with a completely custom solution nor pay a customization upcharge. If you are considering a system upgrade and want to discuss your goals and budget, please call or email a Universal Blower Pac sales engineer to discuss the right solution.