The_Value_of_Customer_AdvocateMany companies try to promote customer advocacy as an ethereal cultural theme that lives at the heart of their service department. But when you pick up the phone to try to get answers quickly, you still feel like the customer in the cartoon below. Customer Advocacy should be more than a theme. We feel it has be a strategic and planned process with the right people in place to see that the customer’s end-to-end experience with our company is top priority and managed with care and efficiency. Thus, at Universal Blower Pac, we created and assigned a Customer Advocate position within the UBPcare process so that each customer has a one person point of contact for all questions from the moment their equipment is ordered and after it has shipped.

Introducing, Barb Smith. Barb has been with Universal Blower Pac for over 20 years and has been a part of customer facilitation for blower systems manufacturing since the beginning. Five years ago, we took a hard look at how we could make the customers feel like that had a real insider completely dedicated to getting the information and answers they needed quickly and without hassle, and Barb’s role as the Customer Advocate became a full-time part of UBP Care strategy. Within the first two weeks of your order, your job is on Barb’s radar. Have an invoice question? Need more O & M manuals or want them submitted on CDs? Shipping questions? Barb is your one call person to help facilitate getting you the information you need when you need it. Customers tell me all the time that it’s nice to have one person to call for answers, Barb says. They know they can trust me to push for it quickly too. I wish I had that for other companies I have to deal with! To us, Barb’s role is just as important as the president. As a customer of Universal Blower Pac, your blower system is never just a job number. It is a targeted solution for a specific project and organization with names and people behind it. We dedicate ourselves to proving it. If you already have an order underway and haven’t connected with Barb, please email her at