MGC Advanced Polymers, Inc. had previously purchased un-enclosed blower systems from Universal Blower Pac and wanted to attenuate the sound emitting from those units that were already installed on-site.  UBP was first asked to provide a noise enclosure for the smaller unit.  After UBP retrofitted the smaller unit, MGC saw the benefits and additionally requested that the larger unit be enclosed as well.

The challenge to installing the larger enclosure was that the previously installed blower system was located in a room on the 4th floor of the building and the only access to that room was through a freight elevator with limited space.  The service elevator was 45″ wide, 64″ deep and 82″ high.  For the smaller enclosure, fitting and delivering it to that area did not pose a problem.  However, the larger blower unit itself was 94.5″ wide, 68″ deep and 102″ high and the enclosure would be need to be sized as such to allow for proper ventilation of the unit. This obviously posed a design challenge as to how the enclosure could be built to fit on the elevator. Additional engineering challenges were also reviewed and addressed, like hallway and doorway dimensions on the approach to the unit.

To accommodate the spatial requirements for accessing the unit, UBP designed a custom noise enclosure that consisted of clamshell style design with multiple panels that were small enough to fit inside the freight elevator.  The overall enclosure size was 107” wide, 77” deep and 135” tall. As such, the enclosure was designed to be easily put together by the client in the field.

The noise enclosure was designed with 14” gauge galvanized steel, 2” acoustical foam panels and two hinged doors on each side for maintenance access. It was built and preassembled in UBP’s warehouse to ensure that the pieces fit together properly.  Along with clear, detailed drawings, the unit was shipped assembled to give the client a better understanding of how the enclosure was to be installed.  The enclosure was successfully installed by the client on site without any issues.