Blowers are a commodity, so it doesn’t matter who provides them, right?  Although a blower is a small part of the overall cost, it is actually the “heart” of the system that all other components rely on.  Without the blower, nothing operates as it should.  To avoid getting a lesser quality blower package, many engineers exclude packagers from their specifications.  Is this really the best solution?  The only remaining option becomes a factory package; however, this limits you on model selection and a standardized package without many possible modifications.
With Universal Blower Pac, Inc. (UBP) you have the best of both worlds.  UBP has more installations in the US and has been packaging longer than most blower manufacturers.  We are factory authorized to package by many suppliers and have experience in almost all blowers.  With our knowledgeable engineering department, we are able to customize packages with hundreds of blowers in order to find the best fit for your application.  Engineering a custom design is so integral for the specific need of each customer that we are invested from the beginning of the process.  Our entire sales staff are degreed engineers; thus, we have the technical skills to accommodate your design parameters.  This is something you won’t find anywhere else.  We also manufacture the package in our own shop, giving us complete control over the quality of our equipment.  On all of our packages, we add significant value to each blower – whether it is direct driven for optimal efficiency or an enclosure for noise reduction.  To capitalize on our engineering ability, we have equipped our facility to not only package up to 600HP blowers and above, we are also able to repair and test these packages.  We recently repaired and tested a 22” blower in our facility with the customer present.  In fact, we package many blowers in the 300-600HP range each year.  All of these combined offers each of our customers all the benefits and knowledge of a factory package but with the custom upgrades that make your ‘heart’ complete.  This is why we call ourselves “The Original Manufacturer”.
What is the benefit of having the ability to make modifications to your package?   Since the 1979, we have designed many solutions for our customers to provide them with the best equipment for their money.  One example of this was a project in Alabama.  The client did not have enough room for the expansion blowers.  Their plan was to construct a new building unless they could manage to fit them under a stairwell.  The height was restricted to less than 5 feet.  Since this was also on a second floor mezzanine, we needed to isolate vibration for a lower dynamic load.  We were able to achieve this by having a vertical package with compact silencers and a concrete inertia base to isolate 95% of the vibration.  With the use of a partial enclosure, we were able to meet the needed 85 dBA level for a lower cost and space requirement of a full enclosure.  The extra benefit above this was we were able to provide a direct drive which made the maintenance easier, increased blower life immensely, and saved 5% on energy costs.   Please visit our website for more case studies like this one.
Next time you are working on a more difficult need, call one of our Sales Engineers for a custom solution. Efficiency is extremely crucial in our environment, and this is one of the areas we excel in.  We can provide a more efficient solution for a quicker return on investment.  This does not have to cost you 25% or take 10 years to make up.  We will work with your budget in order to obtain what you want without the huge price tag.