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Customization of Standard Products – Without the Custom Price

Designing and manufacturing standard blower systems for a variety of applications makes sense for both the consumer and the manufacturer. Standard products have quick delivery with proven documentation, details and provide cost savings. But let’s face it, the complex needs in the field and how that system fits exactly every need you face for your application never fully align with an absolute standard system without the consumer sacrificing something. That’s where the UBPstandardFLEX approach fills the gap. We have created opportunities with in our manufacturing process that allow our clients numerous options to modify or build on our standard products without breaking the bank or causing downtime. These offerings vary per product as well. Consumers may want to add different instrumentation packages, choose a direct drive blower unit to increase efficiency, allow for ease of maintenance or even match attenuating options to meet specific noise level requirements. Whatever the case, we can work with your goals to provide flexible options and still keep your budget intact. A good example is a recent client asked if we could paint our biogas screw blower system red to signal a hazardous location to help them achieve better OSHA safety requirements. In a similar situation, we’ve had several clients ask if the belt guards could be painted orange to also enable better OSHA safety. Both of these examples cost them nothing more than adding the special paint as we were able to work out what the clients goals were up front and build it into our process.
As a customer-centric organization, we are always looking for opportunities to innovate on our product offerings. UBPstandardFLEX essentially allows our buyers multiple options on our base standard products so they have more freedom to get exactly what they want without having to go with a completely custom solution nor pay a customization upcharge. If you are considering a system upgrade and want to discuss your goals and budget, please call or email a Universal Blower Pac sales engineer to discuss the right solution.
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The Value of Having a Customer Advocate

The_Value_of_Customer_AdvocateMany companies try to promote customer advocacy as an ethereal cultural theme that lives at the heart of their service department. But when you pick up the phone to try to get answers quickly, you still feel like the customer in the cartoon below. Customer Advocacy should be more than a theme. We feel it has be a strategic and planned process with the right people in place to see that the customer’s end-to-end experience with our company is top priority and managed with care and efficiency. Thus, at Universal Blower Pac, we created and assigned a Customer Advocate position within the UBPcare process so that each customer has a one person point of contact for all questions from the moment their equipment is ordered and after it has shipped.

Introducing, Barb Smith. Barb has been with Universal Blower Pac for over 20 years and has been a part of customer facilitation for blower systems manufacturing since the beginning. Five years ago, we took a hard look at how we could make the customers feel like that had a real insider completely dedicated to getting the information and answers they needed quickly and without hassle, and Barb’s role as the Customer Advocate became a full-time part of UBP Care strategy. Within the first two weeks of your order, your job is on Barb’s radar. Have an invoice question? Need more O & M manuals or want them submitted on CDs? Shipping questions? Barb is your one call person to help facilitate getting you the information you need when you need it. Customers tell me all the time that it’s nice to have one person to call for answers, Barb says. They know they can trust me to push for it quickly too. I wish I had that for other companies I have to deal with! To us, Barb’s role is just as important as the president. As a customer of Universal Blower Pac, your blower system is never just a job number. It is a targeted solution for a specific project and organization with names and people behind it. We dedicate ourselves to proving it. If you already have an order underway and haven’t connected with Barb, please email her at

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Retrofitting Installed Blower System with Noise Enclosure – Universal Blower Pac Customer Success Story

MGC Advanced Polymers, Inc. had previously purchased un-enclosed blower systems from Universal Blower Pac and wanted to attenuate the sound emitting from those units that were already installed on-site.  UBP was first asked to provide a noise enclosure for the smaller unit.  After UBP retrofitted the smaller unit, MGC saw the benefits and additionally requested that the larger unit be enclosed as well.

The challenge to installing the larger enclosure was that the previously installed blower system was located in a room on the 4th floor of the building and the only access to that room was through a freight elevator with limited space.  The service elevator was 45″ wide, 64″ deep and 82″ high.  For the smaller enclosure, fitting and delivering it to that area did not pose a problem.  However, the larger blower unit itself was 94.5″ wide, 68″ deep and 102″ high and the enclosure would be need to be sized as such to allow for proper ventilation of the unit. This obviously posed a design challenge as to how the enclosure could be built to fit on the elevator. Additional engineering challenges were also reviewed and addressed, like hallway and doorway dimensions on the approach to the unit.

To accommodate the spatial requirements for accessing the unit, UBP designed a custom noise enclosure that consisted of clamshell style design with multiple panels that were small enough to fit inside the freight elevator.  The overall enclosure size was 107” wide, 77” deep and 135” tall. As such, the enclosure was designed to be easily put together by the client in the field.

The noise enclosure was designed with 14” gauge galvanized steel, 2” acoustical foam panels and two hinged doors on each side for maintenance access. It was built and preassembled in UBP’s warehouse to ensure that the pieces fit together properly.  Along with clear, detailed drawings, the unit was shipped assembled to give the client a better understanding of how the enclosure was to be installed.  The enclosure was successfully installed by the client on site without any issues.

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The Original Manufacturer

Blowers are a commodity, so it doesn’t matter who provides them, right?  Although a blower is a small part of the overall cost, it is actually the “heart” of the system that all other components rely on.  Without the blower, nothing operates as it should.  To avoid getting a lesser quality blower package, many engineers exclude packagers from their specifications.  Is this really the best solution?  The only remaining option becomes a factory package; however, this limits you on model selection and a standardized package without many possible modifications.
With Universal Blower Pac, Inc. (UBP) you have the best of both worlds.  UBP has more installations in the US and has been packaging longer than most blower manufacturers.  We are factory authorized to package by many suppliers and have experience in almost all blowers.  With our knowledgeable engineering department, we are able to customize packages with hundreds of blowers in order to find the best fit for your application.  Engineering a custom design is so integral for the specific need of each customer that we are invested from the beginning of the process.  Our entire sales staff are degreed engineers; thus, we have the technical skills to accommodate your design parameters.  This is something you won’t find anywhere else.  We also manufacture the package in our own shop, giving us complete control over the quality of our equipment.  On all of our packages, we add significant value to each blower – whether it is direct driven for optimal efficiency or an enclosure for noise reduction.  To capitalize on our engineering ability, we have equipped our facility to not only package up to 600HP blowers and above, we are also able to repair and test these packages.  We recently repaired and tested a 22” blower in our facility with the customer present.  In fact, we package many blowers in the 300-600HP range each year.  All of these combined offers each of our customers all the benefits and knowledge of a factory package but with the custom upgrades that make your ‘heart’ complete.  This is why we call ourselves “The Original Manufacturer”.
What is the benefit of having the ability to make modifications to your package?   Since the 1979, we have designed many solutions for our customers to provide them with the best equipment for their money.  One example of this was a project in Alabama.  The client did not have enough room for the expansion blowers.  Their plan was to construct a new building unless they could manage to fit them under a stairwell.  The height was restricted to less than 5 feet.  Since this was also on a second floor mezzanine, we needed to isolate vibration for a lower dynamic load.  We were able to achieve this by having a vertical package with compact silencers and a concrete inertia base to isolate 95% of the vibration.  With the use of a partial enclosure, we were able to meet the needed 85 dBA level for a lower cost and space requirement of a full enclosure.  The extra benefit above this was we were able to provide a direct drive which made the maintenance easier, increased blower life immensely, and saved 5% on energy costs.   Please visit our website for more case studies like this one.
Next time you are working on a more difficult need, call one of our Sales Engineers for a custom solution. Efficiency is extremely crucial in our environment, and this is one of the areas we excel in.  We can provide a more efficient solution for a quicker return on investment.  This does not have to cost you 25% or take 10 years to make up.  We will work with your budget in order to obtain what you want without the huge price tag.
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