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Meeting and Exceeding the End User’s Needs Together: Trusted Partnerships

The best manufacturers tirelessly seek out valuable relationships that become more than just equipment providers; they seek trusted partners who share the same goals for success.  For Universal Blower Pac, this has always been our goal: meet and exceed the end user’s needs and expectations for every project.  We’ve found that this is one of the keys to growing the valuable relationships we have with numerous engineering and manufacturing firms who, in turn, call on us to do the same for their clients.

In a recent customer visit to Cloacina (located in Arroyo Grande, CA), Jay Guio, UBP OEM Sales REP, met with Troy Ellison, CEO of Cloacina LLC. Following that visit, the Cloacina Team surprised us with this vendor highlight video spotlighting the value of building a trusted partnership.  “One of the things that have impressed me with Universal Blower Pac is the fact that they are willing to work with us in regards to pushing the envelope,” says Ellison. “This showed us that they were willing to jump as high as we were being asked to jump by our clients. And it’s nice knowing someone is as equally invested in your success as you are.”




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Unloading and Handling Procedures for Blower Systems

unloading centrifugal blower systemThrough the years, Universal Blower Pac’s customer care and service department has answered numerous calls concerning a variety of installation, operation and maintenance questions around best practices for handling blower systems.  With the goal of continuing to be not only a well respected blower system engineering and manufacturing provider, we are also consistently dedicated to meeting our clients needs at a deeper level for service, troubleshooting and repair.

As a result, our service team is rolling out a Blower System Maintenance video series to help answer the variety of standard operation and maintenance questions.  The series will include handling, installation, start-up, lubrication, typical troubleshooting tips and tricks, and much more.

The first in this video series is proper Unloading and Handling Procedures for Blower Systems.  In this video, we discuss the importance of checking thoroughly for freight damage that may occur during shipping and how best to capture and describe this on the Bill of Lading to expedite any shipping claims.  It is also important to note how best to lift the different blower system steel frame styles that Universal Blower Pac engineers for their systems.  This video clearly shows best practices for lifting an EXPII style base, a 3C-PAC or 3C-Hybrid base, larger multistage centrifugal or custom blower systems with sub-base fork lift slots or lifting lugs, and even how best to lift systems that come with acoustical sound enclosures.

If you would like to see a certain maintenance video walk-through, please email our service team at and we will gladly discuss adding it to our list.


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3C-PAC Blower System Showcased in TPO Magazine

The 3C-PAC gets a product showcase in the November 2016 issue of TPO (Treatment Plant Operator) Magazine.  Click on TPO Magazine link below to see article or to receive more technical specs, drawings, or to discuss how this efficient, compact, standard positive displacement blower system can help you achieve your plant’s system needs, please email our Sales Engineering team

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EE-PAC High Efficiency Screw Blower Walk Through and Test

In this video, Andrew Placek, Engineer and Sales Manager at Universal Blower Pac, walks through and tests the advanced features of the EE-PAC. Click here to see it!

The EE-PAC offers a low maintenance, low noise, advanced high efficiency screw blower system that delivers air efficiently across its entire operating range. This patented design is 35% more efficient than traditional PD blowers and achieves turbo blower efficiency over a 5:1 turndown, but able withstand higher pressures and temperatures to negate risk of surge or hassle with complex controls, thus ensuring reliable performance and longevity.

Turbo blowers typically only meet a 2:1 turndown before surging and have limited operating and pressure ranges as well as expensive costs due to blower failures requiring entire unit replacement. The EE-PAC features a positive displacement compressor and won’t surge, thus allowing for operation of multiple units on a single header. Unit repair is inexpensive and can be serviced from multiple sources to minimize downtime.

To receive more technical specs, drawings, or discuss how this efficient, standard positive displacement blower system can help you achieve your plant’s system needs, please email our Sales Engineering team at

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